Tell us your ideas and suggestions for research!

We want to hear what you think research should focus on. Your involvement can help to drive research towards areas that really matter to children with long-term health conditions, their families, and health professionals. More information can be found here.

You can send your suggestions using the form below. Try to suggest questions that are relevant to children with different types of chronic conditions. If you can, include some details e.g. the type of treatment/care and what you want to improve or make better. Here are some examples:

  • What is the best psychological treatment (type of treatment/care) for managing anxiety or worry (what you want to improve)?
  • What is the best program (type of treatment/care) than can help with doing better at school (what you want to improve)?
  • Can support groups (type of treatment/care) help to improve self-esteem (what you want to improve)?
  • What types of food / diet (type of treatment/care) are good for improving energy (what you want to improve)?
The Kaleidoscope Project - Research Questions Survey
Please suggest at least one research question. Remember to try and suggest questions that may be relevant to most or all chronic conditions.

A survey with everyone’s suggestions will be sent to you by email. Then, you will be asked to rate the importance of all the research questions. In the final survey, you will see the group results, which will be anonymous (no names will be given), and asked to rate the importance of the questions again. This will help us reach consensus (agreement) on what everyone thinks are the most important research questions for childhood chronic disease.