A research priority setting partnership for childhood chronic disease.
Bringing together children, caregivers and health professionals to identify important research questions.

My daughter isn't afraid to pay a visit here

The Project

The Kaleidoscope Project brings together children with chronic disease, their families, clinicians and policy makers around Australia to identify important research topics and priorities. The project involves focus group discussions with children and their parents/caregivers, surveys, and a one day workshop.

My daughter isn't afraid to pay a visit here

Who we are

The project will be coordinated by a National Steering Committee made up of paediatricians, parents, consumer representatives, and researchers. The Committee will guide and give input on all phases of the project. Please visit our Who were are page to read more about each committee member

Two sisters and their disabled little brother sitting together at the park, biracial part Thai- Scandinavian descent.


This project is supported by
NSW Ministry of Health.
Future collaborators will include government and non-government organisations, including Australia wide Children’s Hospitals, children’s research centres and various chronic disease consumer/support organisations.